Hong Kong Summer Fun

Hong Kong Summer Fun

Hong Kong Summer Fun

When it comes to vacation, then don’t waste your precious time and start planning and enjoying every single minute of it.

Hong Kong should be your next travel destination to join the Hong Kong Summer Fun, which will help you to enhance neighborhoods and to rejoice in the mix of colonial history, enjoy local summer tastes, in addition to endless shopping.

So let’s start to fly and see how your summer vacation style could be during the Hong Kong Summer Fun.

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Shop, Eat and Paly:



As its name refer, the Hong Kong Summer Fun is simply where you can Shop, Eat, and Paly. This summer Fun offers its visitors many amazing surprises that anyone could seek for during a vacation.

Usually, attractive packages are offered to visitors, rewards, and lucky draws are presented and solicited through trade cooperation.

Actually, Hong Kong is full of visitors in the summer, and the city shops offer irresistible purchasing offers.

The restaurants like Michelin-starred and also the classic local eateries serve special and sumptuous feasts, in addition to various cultural events are serving up sumptuous feasts, and massive cultural events such as Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival as well as various number of famous attractions in the world that are going to keep you entertained all the day.

If you love to shop, eat, and play, there is no better travel destination for you than Hong Kong this summer, where you can enjoy fun everywhere and every moment.

Hong Kong Summer Fun and Shopping:

One of the most historical places that you can visit during Hong Kong Summer is the Old Town Central, where you can find various shops, galleries, local and international cuisines, as well as the captivating art of the streets.

In fact, Hong Kong is widely known as the shoppers’ paradise as it includes both the high-end shopping malls to chic bazaars, as well as the tiny boutiques in Soho. Many shops present traditional and trendy products. Moreover, you can enjoy and have fun with the events that the malls carry out.

Hong Kong Summer Fun and Eating:

In Hong Kong you can delight your taste buds along the whole day, we recommend you to go to Savour local dim sum for having your breakfast, for having lunch you can try the dishes that Michelin-starred introduce, and for dinner, you can enjoy eating fresh seafood.

For those who want to enjoy the taste of the colorful nightlife in Hong Kong, then, the best place to go to is the famed Lan Kwai Fong Area.

For a family gathering, you can go to Crystal Lotus located at Hong Kong Disneyland, which is famously known for its beautiful dim-sum like the Baymax Bun and Seafood Glutinous Pancake of Mickey.

Michelin restaurant which was founded by the chef Alvin Leung that serves up special molecular gastronomy.

Moreover, the Azure Restaurant Slash Bar located at the top of the LKF tower will enable you to enjoy eating at the modern cuisine as well as enjoying the panoramic view of Lan Kwai Fong.

Hong Kong Summer Fun and Playing:

Hong Kong city never stops and it immerses in the vibrant culture through the carnival of the thrilling Hong Kong Dragon Boat. In addition, there various summer activities that are held at the theme parks and different world-famous attraction places, so having fun is guaranteed.

The 3D Museums:

The 3D Museums in Hong Kong is a good choice for those who love science fiction, fantasy, and augmented reality.

If you are a fan of fantasy, science fiction or augmented reality, you will surely have great fun at the three 3D Museums in Hong Kong, which offer extraordinary sensory experiences. Pose, snap and enjoy!

 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival:

One of the well-known international dragon boat races in the world is the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival, which began in 1976, and it has evolved for about 40 years.

The carnival involves competition between thousands of athletes from different parts of the world under the wonderful skyline of Victoria Harbor. Moreover, you can enjoy the non-stop music and live entertainment at San Miguel.

So, from wherever you are, Hong Kong should be your next travel destination in summer, to enjoy shopping, eating, as well as playing during the Hong Kong Summer Fun.

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