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Hong Kong Arts Month

Hong Kong Arts Month

Hong Kong Arts Month

Every year Hong Kong hosts the annual Hong Kong Arts Month in March, in which it becomes the art hub of Asia.

A variety of huge events is presented by local and overseas artists including exhibitions, workshops, and gallery tours, in addition to the dance, music as well as the theatre productions.

Local and overseas artists show their best work during the Hong Kong Arts Month.

Here are some of the best and exhibitions and events during the Hong Kong Arts Month:

The Art Basel:

When it comes to the Art Basel, then this means artworks from most of the great modern artists.


This annual art fair usually will bring you inspiration.

The Art Central:


The Art Central hosts about 102 galleries, which represents about 75% of the exhibitors hailing from Asia-Pacific.

In the Art Central, your eyes can enjoy the most prominent and emerging artists from Asia.

Art Central is back for its fourth edition and its galleries show and foster the cultural inclusion.

Actually, the Art Central has proven over the years that it is a casual and relaxed way to appreciate art, in addition to its role in promoting both the local art scene as well as its position in the artistic landscape.


The HK Walks:

HK Walls usually brings the art festivals back to the street Walls and it lasts for nine days, where all the street artists all the world come to Hong Kong in order to paint the city in the red color, or even in any other color they decide and like.

On each day during the festival, there are always different artist paintings.

The Art Brunch and the Art Gallery Night:

During the Hong Kong Art Month, the Art Gallery Association in the city organizes two annual events in the anticipation of the Art Basel.

These two events are the Art Brunch and the Art Gallery Night, which host an amazing night of art, performances, as well as brunch.

Harbor Arts Sculpture Park Exhibition:

The Harbor Arts Sculpture Park Exhibition embodies the spirit that art should be appreciated all the lifelong.

Access is free, and there are workshops and tours there.

The Exhibition of “A Beast, A God, and A-line”:


This exhibition is the gate for exploring several historical eras whether through the connections or even the differences across the region, going back from the early period of the Austronesians until the European colonialism.

This exhibition shows the waves of migration across the Asia-Pacific with multiple languages, and different cultural symbols through different ways to the contemporary world.

Asia Contemporary Art Show:


Asia Contemporary Art Show Features over eighty regional and international exhibitions. Both the emerging and well-established artists show different works in this fair starting from photography and paintings to the sculptures and the limited-edition pieces.

Louis Vuitton the Objets Nomades Exhibition:

The Louis Vuitton the Objets Nomades Exhibition was firstly launched in 2012 and it is the homage to design, art, and the heritage of the iconic French fashion house.

As the LV’s creative artisans and famous designers are inspired by the idea of travel, this resulted in collaborative pieces.


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Dining During Hong Kong Arts Month:

On March, where the art month madness starts officially in Hong Kong, it is not only the time for serious art-gazing, it’s the time when Hong Kong plays an important hosting  role to out of the town visitors who are looking for the best places to eat or drink during enjoying the spirit of the Arts Month.

Here are some of the recommended places to dine there during the Hong Kong Arts Month:


Whisk is located at Nathan Road in Hong Kong, and it offers delicious dishes that make you dive into the nature of the ingredients served.

At the 25th floor of California Tower during the Hong Kong art month CÉ LA VI welcomes hungry art-goers to its soaring digs, this is with a unique inspired art menu.

Bostonian Seafood and Grill:

At the Bostonian Seafood and Grill which located at Langham, you can satisfy your sweet tooth where there are five artistic desserts created by the Spanish chef David Puig Zaragoza.

Really, the Hong Kong Arts Month is considered as the art hub of Asia, and it worth to visit Hong Kong during this time to see the different types of art presented by variety of artists whether the local or overseas artists.


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