Centre for Heritage Arts and Textiles (CHAT)

Centre for Heritage Arts and Textiles (CHAT)

Centre for Heritage Arts and Textiles (CHAT)

Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life
Welcome to the Spinning Factory
(17 Mar 2019- 30 Jun 2019)

Located at The Mills in Tsuen Wan, the Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile (CHAT) is a very unique cultural arts center.
It focuses on weaving together modern art, design, science, heritage, community and craftsmanship.
It contains uniquely curated programs including permanent and temporary exhibitions and also exciting co-learning workshops.
CHAT invites guests to witness the original heritage of the Hong Kong textile industry from a very close perspective.
Two of CHAT’s most interesting exhibitions are Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life and Welcome to The Spinning Factory.

Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life

Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life

CHAT’s special exhibition, Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life will showcase the works and performances by 17 Asia- Pacific contemporary artists.
These artists and collectives use textile as a testimony of faded facts in modern history.
It shows experiences of textile labor in the era of accelerated globalization and observes global issues related to the manufacture of clothing.
It also aims to stimulate visitors’ imagination regarding the unsung laborers behind textile production.
The exhibition is curated by Takahashi Mizuki, who is also the Co-Director of CHAT.

Welcome to The Spinning Factory

Welcome to The Spinning Factory


This delicately designed exhibition, Welcome to The Spinning Factory, is curated at The D. H. Chen Foundation Gallery at CHAT.
It celebrates the golden age of Hong Kong’s textile industry.
The exhibition provides a brief but intensive history of Hong Kong’s textile industry.
It features very interesting traditional cotton products and archival objects.
Guests are invited to experience the manual cotton-spinning process using traditional spinning instruments.
You can also create your own personal cotton label at the workshop!


Unfolding: Fabric of Our Life
Welcome to the Spinning Factory
17 Mar 2019- 30 Jun 2019
11am to 7pm (Closed on Tuesdays)
Centre for Heritage Arts and Textiles (CHAT)
The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong


For more information please visit their official website.

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Other interesting places in Tsuen Wan District:

• Sam Tung Uk Museum

Sam Tung Uk Museum

The Sam Tung Uk Museum is restored from a Hakka-walled village.
It was declared a historical monument in 1981.
The museum includes an ancestral hall, two rows of side houses, an exhibition hall and a lecture hall.
It also contains displays of period furniture, handicrafts and agricultural equipment.

• Western Monastery

Western Monastery

Situated in Tsuen Wan’s Lo Wai village, Western Monastery is a Buddhist institution with more than 40 years of history.
This peaceful complex is styled as a Chinese palace.
Surrounded by mountains, you can truly experience some quiet and tranquility the moment you step into the monastery.
The occasional passing monks chanting beautiful mantras also add to the peaceful atmosphere.


The Yuen Yuen Institute

Tin Hau Temple

is a Taoist temple in Tsuen Wan District.
It is ,in reality, one of the most important temples in Hong Kong.
It was founded in 1950 to spread the principles of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.
One of its many worthwhile attractions includes a replica of Beijing’s magnificent Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan).

• Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau Temple

Tin Hau, Goddess of the Sea, is honored by fishermen and anyone whose life and destiny is tied to the sea.
The Tin Hau Temple is located in Causeway Bay, east of Victoria Park, in Eastern District, on Hong Kong Island.
It was constructed by the Tai clan.
Legend has it that the Tai clan found a red stone shaped like an incense burner on the shore at Causeway Bay.
They believed that it had been delivered by Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea so they built a temporary memorial to house it.
The memorial then became so popular with boat dwellers in the area that the Tai clan raised funds to build a temple on the same site.

Hotels in Tswen Wan Hong Kong:

• Panda Hotel

Panda Hotel is located only 600 meters away from the Tsuen Wan MTR Station.
It features comfortable rooms with elegant décor.
It also features a well-equipped fitness center and a relaxing sauna room.
Hong Kong International Airport and Hong Kong Disneyland are only a 25-minute drive from the hotel.

• L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre


Overlooking Victoria Harbour from large glass windows, L’hotel Nina et Convention Centre features comfortable modern rooms.
The hotel contains 2 towers connected by a glass-bottom sky bridge. The views from there are breathtaking!
It’s only a 2-minute walk from Tsuen Wan Park and a 3-minute walk from Nina Tower.

• Silka Far East Hotel

Silka Far East Hotel is located in the heart of Tsuen Wan.
The hotel is only a 5-minute walk from Tsuen Wan MTR Station.
It is located just next door to shopping centers including City Landmark and Nan Fung Centre.


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